Monday, October 17, 2011


She was in Abu Dhabi. Yas island. Flash (you did good).

I mean, it's Ms. Jackson. There's nothing to prove really is there. Not much to say either.

Let's stick to the highlights shall we, because it was all obviously brilliant.

First off, the simplicity. Jeans and a T-shirt. From start to finish. Talent like that needs no gaga-esque cosmetics.

She kicked off the show with the greats, which made me *very* happy. "That's the way love goes" was dedicated to Abu Dhabi, followed by "Pleasure principle" and "What have you dont for me lately?". Perfect.

The dancing. In a beautifully heartbreaking way, Janet bears the majestic excellence of her beloved late brother. Naturally flawless. Everything these young guns can only wish they were.

The "slow" segment required a man by my side, to be fair. But thanks to the easy "jam sesh" vibe, the eclectic audience of true music appreciators, the air of relaxation, everyone seemed to be in their own particular element/zone/memoir/moment. Comfortable. Singing along. Just loving.

The finale. Dedicated to the King. Pictures of her and her brother on loop while she so quaintly performed "Scream". An anthem for the world's current #occupying behaviour, in my view. Listen again, to the relevance.

She followed with "Rhythm Nation", as if to send a subtle (but clear) message of defiance. I got it. Loud and clear. Let's hope more and more of the awakening globe does too.

Janet's final words. "My brother always loved this part of this world. He really did. He talked about you guys all the time. Thank you Abu Dhabi. Thank you for the love you continue to give to all my family. Insha'Allah I'll be seeing you again".

Note: She said the words "Abu Dhabi" and "Insha'Allah" a little too perfectly. This probably has something to do with her Arabesque beau. Love that. Pink Link incase you don't know who the lucky Qatari Gentleman is.

Janet. Love you. Simply. Flash. Thank you for doing what you do. Yas. I'll say it again. You are an island the world needs to see.

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