Friday, December 9, 2011

The Column: DECEMBER 2011 #WhatHow.

Greetings. I bear news. Exciting news, particularly if you're a fan of naturally beautiful skin, and especially if you live in Bahrain (this doesn't however exclude the rest of you — bear with me). Green Bar just launched its delectable Rosewater Collection. A first for the Middle East in differentiating fragrance profiles, this defining collection in perfumery presents the unique qualities in a cross-section of Middle Eastern rose variety — indeed, a regional rose-tinged adventure, that has never been profiled before.

As some of you already know, I'm a little obsessed with Green Bar's existing products, so when they hosted a first in many upcoming "Rosewater Mornings", this one being in Bahrain, I was more than ecstatic to show full support. Limited edition seasonal boxes of the collection were made available for both experience and purchase at Moda Mall's Sufana store. The collection includes Moroccan, Turkish, and rare Omani Rosewaters. Yes, my skin continues to thank me.

Reem Al Khalifa, Green Bar founder and cherished friend, was present to meet and engage with all invited guests, as they stocked on essential oils, sampled the delicious rose flavoured "bitings" and got their Christmas lists sorted with rosewater gift boxes — galore! Not only that, but a curated array of fashion pieces, as selected by our favourite style artiste, The OverDressed, was also in full effect.

Oh, SO much more tasteful than a dress made of meat. Goo goo.

Green Bar's Rosewater Mornings will soon be visiting other parts of the Gulf & UAE too. Obviously, I shall keep you posted. To order your Limited Edition Rosewater Collection, send an email to:

We Want Peace's Kibera ambassador (and VERY talented guy), Mr. Slum. 

Before Bahrain, was Nairobi. Lots took place, including the final touches to Juliani's upcoming single, Exponential Potential, alongside a special appearance by Vision 2030s Mugo Kibati. More activity surrounding We Want Peace's 595 campaign, in run up to Kenya's presidential elections, and attending my dear friend/big sister, Gina Din's birthday celebrations; one occasion to adoringly remember!

Rakhi love... received.

It was the little - and so very touching - elements that meant so much to me. Instead of presents, Gina had asked her nearest and dearest to scribe their memories with/of her on delightful little notes. She gave each and every guest a special Rakhi bracelet, and exuded the most sincere appreciation for friends and family throughout the memorable evening - which was, as a result, positively beautiful.

Parisian views. 

Post Africa, the Arab world, love strings, peace campaigns and all things fantastically Green Bar, I'm now in Paris. Here for a dear friend's wedding, and very much looking forward to this evening's nuptial grandeur. In fact, as I sit in the Mandarin's nature filled foyer (not for long though, this disobedient European cold does not suit me), I contemplate a number of recent, and life-changing experiences. I won't go into them all, but outcomes include the utter appreciation of now. Just enjoy now. It is truly a privilege. Find balance in graft, and craft. The realisation that as a people, we must continue to cultivate.

It is in our nature to produce, and not continuously consume. Create and curate. Be awake, less distracted. We must cherish more of what is human, and less of what is material. Gratitude really is everything. Embracing those who love us, is fundamental. I knew a lot of this before, but I don't know if I practised it as well as one should. Excuse the stream of consciousness ending this month's column. It's a moment. A reminder. We all need it now and again. Au revoir for now, mon multiple cherie!

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