Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kuwait. Style stakes. High.

This Gulf state has impressed us. Spoiled us in fact. A hidden gem of unadulterated creativity, thinkers, activators and hard grafters – truly, truly charming…here’s why:

The right pose.
First of all, can we just have a moment on how inspiring the fashion is here? Holy. Moly. Shopping districts and eateries are basically very entertaining runway shows...and I was most pleased with my front row seat: A radiant view of unabashed experimentation. Unabashed is the key word here. Just unafraid to try. Fearless, and fierce with it. Eloquent and crazy at the exact same time. Forward yet traditionally respectful. Sexy yet impeccably tasteful. Unique vintage odes merged with a “yes I took it there” ghetto fabulousness! Believe me. I saw that. Furthermore, never once did I witness a vibrant mix of colours done badly. A pause for applause, if you will.

The bright home.
Missoni Hotel, which opened back in May of this year, was our chosen place of residence. It was cute, from start to finish, and if you’re a Missoni lover then you’ll enjoy drenching yourself in absolutely everything. Indeed, the hotel literally dripped in the brand’s trademark psychedelic colours, patterns and floral textures.

The staff were wonderful too, helpful (but non-invasive) and oh so accommodating. Tasteful touches such as complimentary wi-fi and dry-cleaning was a beautiful thing to see. And toothpaste! Toothpaste! Yas! Sorry why do so many hotels flood their bathrooms with every toiletry going except one of THEE most essential? Missoni. We loved you for the toothpaste. Really. So thoughtful #LittleThingsMoment.
On leaving we were even gifted with chocolates. Hearts, obviously and completely won over.

The boutique boudoir.
“Pretty Little Things” was the name, and a pop-up mall of sorts was the game.  Gorgeous boutiques selling the cutest of all sorts to a savvy crowd of Kuwait’s social media gurus, society ladies, cool dudes and yummy mummies over 3 days of retail happiness.

Green Bar was the only participating vendor from abroad, and well, as expected, everyone went a little crazy over the brand’s all natural beauty products. It’s not every day you come across a line of skin care made strictly for the purpose of skin caring - no crap included. Just like Cleopatra did.

The food.
Yes. Kuwait’s culinary delight fully deserves a section all unto itself. Let it be known, I detest what is franchised, mass-produced and horribly over-exposed, particularly when it comes to eating. So, Kuwait’s concepts in local dining wasn’t just a breath of fresh air, it was an ongoing breeze of deliciousness. Brilliant ideas in fresh taste bud joy thanks to Kuwaiti chefs…I love that. Applausing you. Again.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to try everything, but we did bless one restaurant – twice. Pizzetta. For the salads, and the truffle based pizza. Oh and their leek chips. Forget it.

My girl Reem and I…we'll be back. Believe that. 

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  1. Love it! Kuwait has always been the most amazing Gulf country. Unfortunately many visitors never, ever, get the chance to experience even 1% of what it has to offer! Glad you did :)


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