Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Highlight time: Dubai Film Festival 2012.

You've read all the hype.... and if you haven't, feel free to google.

As always, we bring you the lovely little things you actually need to know.

Dubai's International Film Festival 2012 (DIFF). 7 days of non-stop cinematic creativity. Kudos to the programmers, makers and organisers for maintaining their labelled promise: festive, film-based and truly international


Love & congrats to Haifa Al Mansoor, Saudi's first female film director...

...who managed to make, the magical Wadjda 

Nothing impressed more than the festival's film selection. So thoughtfully and impressively global, intelligently varied and beautifully intuitive to today's state of affairs. A personal favorite turned out to be the jury's favorite too: Wadjda, by Saudi Arabia's Haifa Al Mansoor. The little girl starring in the movie gracefuly shut down every acting academy on the planet, proving that cinematic performance - brilliant cinematic performance - is an inborn gift, and nothing else. Watch it. 

Correct hotel views... 

...a'la beach dining. 

As invited guests, we stayed in DIFF's opulent home village, otherwise known as Madinat Jumeirah. The extravagant establishment recived an influx of talent from across the globe. Lunches at The Wharf beamed with enlightening conversation, followed by screenings and nightly activity, all day, every day and well into every...single...night. 

Your highlights, as follows: 

"Emerald debuts" by Rozan Ahmed, at DIFF's opening extravaganza

"Velvet Gucci" at the IWC/DIFF Dinner & Dance

"Custom gown glory" at the Oxfam Gala

"Is that an alien in your bag?"

"New York disco, circa 1974" at the IWC/DIFF Dinner & Dance

"Arabian flairs" at the DIFF premiere of Wadjda

The attire: Evidently, emareld green fetishes were met with abundance. Moments of studio 54, aliens in bags, Arabian drapes, vintage velvets and custom-made wow. Elsewhere (however/sigh) fashion faux pas was also met - with abundance... 

What is this...ALL, of this???

I'm just... confused. 

Big chests and corsets = unacceptable. Always.

The gifts: Pedicures on balconies - by French men (grins). Sustainable fashion with that necessary sense of real care. Cinematic art. Beauty beverages, and self-indulgence. Thank you. 

Only Yasmine Richie can explain how each of these frames before you, are actually films...
Beautiful concept. And in Dubai. 

Diamond tinged hand treatments by Natura Bisse  

The Koko clutch. Ethical Muse. Made in Ethiopia. Love.

This swanky looking bag is comprised of used tyres, and seatbelts. Ethical Muse. Again. Salute. 

A Bastien Gonzalez mani/pedi, which focuses on the medical wellness of your nails, by Dr. Maxim. On a balcony. With blankets. And a very green view. Way to break.

The moments: Australian soul, stretched red carpets, flash aplenty, glamourous care, British humour, American sweet, Egyptian charm, international handsome, lots of Saudi swagger. Cultural excellence. Creative highs. 

Hollywood's Middle East merger, Mohammed Al Turki...

...alongside DIFF Chairman, Abdul Hamid Juma 

Oxfam's Kirsten & Colin, a'la wife. 

"Champagne laced celebrations"

"Surreal views, as we dine with Oxfam, for greater good"

"When Egypt met Saudi" by Mohammed Al Turki & Khaled El Nabawy

"Vogue..." by Rozan Ahmed, MAC & a lot of black

"MBC sit downs...

...and multiple photo shoots" by Mohammed Al Turki

"Animal towel gestures" by Madinat Jumeirah's Al Qasr

"Red carpet long walks"

"Desert endings" by DIFF's closing affair

"Oh... hi"

bougi's Rozan Ahmed & Egypt's finest, Khaled El Nabawy

Australia's Jessica Mauboy... vocals levelling Motown wow. Yes. That good.

Told you...

"Wadjda...wins" in the DIFF Best Film & Actress categories

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