Monday, December 31, 2012

The Column: December 2012. Wrap.

I’m inside my second home. A plane. En route to Dubai after almost a month of New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, presidential elections, memorable forums, marvellous galas, random “Bond” nights, momentary shopping and unexpected hurricanes.

T’was an interesting time, with many, many wondrous moments. Some of which were mildly aggravated by this American school of thought that tips are somehow compulsory? (sorry, but I really need to elaborate on this for just a minute). As far as I know, the concept of tipping is based on choice. When did so many waiters come to the conclusion that it was ever some kind of mandatory obligation? I am not to blame for your Government/boss’ decisions to keep you on minimum wage. Nope. Not me. Not the one. Rant over. Back to the moments…

Sandy decided to unleash her wrath during my time in the big apple. That wasn’t fun. We did see large chunks of NYC in complete darkness though. Very “I am Legend”. Bit surreal.


Halloween was taken VERY seriously. Costumes and dancing amidst natural disasters. Commendable spirits, would be the words. Loved my spontaneous walks absorbing Brooklyn's on-point flair. Finally got my nails done by the city’s Naomi (I did wait, quite some time, for this glorious occasion).

So. Very. Correct. 

Loved the Angel ball. And my - rather stunning - Orkalia gown. And Denise Rich's soul. And my friends' reunitedness. And Smokey Robinson's romance. Natalie Cole's serenade. Mohammed Al Turki's jokes. Justin Hopwood's face. Ms. Mama Knowles' love. Solange's dress. Devorah Rose's sweetness. Estelle's ambassadorial charm. Khaliya Khan's conversation. Fahad Al Saud's representation. Cipriani's ageing grace. And the boom boom room's everything.

Khaliya, Fahad, Mohammed, Justin & Rozan...pretty flowers, and Table 26.

The Angel ball's many moments...

"The Shoes Games" by Fahad Al Saud & Rozan Ahmed

Grateful to The Mark Hotel - turned Sandy refugee camp - for such a wonderful stay. Onto LA, and LA was just its usually unique LA. Crazy, relaxed, random, the same, fun, yet oddly dull, beautiful, and kind of ugly (t'is true, not many places can do all this at the same time). Went to Inglewood for the day. That was fun. Joined the cast of  “ABG” on filming of their last ever episode. That was just, excellent

"YouTube's creative excellence" by Issa Rae Productions

The cultural meshings found on set was better than all of those United Colours of Bennetton commercials, combined. Which I suppose would prove that today's many states of social akwardness, and our ability to so hilariously relate, knows no racial boundaries, at all. 


Sterling casts...

Clues... Go this way: pink link

Still on the 'culture mesh in line with artistry' vibe, and London pride was beaming steadily during the debut of Kesh's photo exhibition in Los Angeles. Well, more accurately speaking, West London.

Kesh, we see you. 

"English girls, in LA" by Estelle & Kesh

"Strike a vogue" by Genelle & Rozan 

Onto one's one-night stand with Miami, and no it did not include South Beach. 

Yes...shocking I know, considering the infamously ratchet environment. I was actually there for ABC’s Continuity Forum, which took place at Coconut Grove’s Ritz Hotel. A gathering of social entrepreneurs from across the Americas intermingled with an impressive mix of investors and global experts, all with a common purpose to conscientiously innovate. Environmentally expand. Humanitarianly (is that a word?) harness business opportunity for the greater good…You should catch my drift at this point.

"Florals, continuity, and comfort"

"Peace & progress"

"Culture, social media, the arts, and technology, in peace"

Saudi's Prince Fahad Al Saud joined forces with the ever inspiring Emmanuel Jal during the ABC forum’s cultural session. An enlightening pairing of Africa and Arabia, the two young leaders shared on common challenges when it comes to community development in their home regions. They drew upon similarities in tribalism, and shed light on the importance of technology when relating to youth generations.  Monumental things. That’s just how we operate.

Onto 2013. A new year of happiness.  Stay bougi with it. Remember what's key... One love on the advance.

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