Monday, October 17, 2011

The Kim Conundrum.

Some bullet pointed thoughts on Kim Kardashian's recent visit to the glossy emirate, and the following online dramas that ensued.

She visited with her mother to open a milkshake store. Dubai lost its mind. A media frenzy of disproportionate levels. A town, gone wild.

Then, she left. The blame game of hypocrisy, begins.

1. I don't know the girl personally, but my observations are as follows: She's...pretty. Polite. More of a forced icon, rather than one who's genuinely made a difference in the world. She probably has no idea why such a large part of the material world's so obsessed with her either. But hey, it is. She's enjoying it...fully taking advantage of the moment...making as much money as possible.

2. Kim clearly relies on her mother, a lot, who I had met with at the Atlantis (t'was my first time there too - can someone tell me what that ceiling's about? Bit ghoulish).

3. Mama Kris knows how to utilise an opportunity. ANY opportunity. Credit is due.

4. Now, the press gush. Who's to blame? Kim? Errr. No.

It's not Kim's fault the UAE's media houses seem to support Western talent far, far more than they do locally based creatives. That's the UAE's problem. If you don't like it, do something about it. This is nothing new. Dubai can never truly be celebrated if it continues to primarily celebrate those elsewhere. Don't blame Kim for that.

5. So she made a sex tape. Not cool. But Paris did too. Eva Longoria's history isn't fabulous either. Neither are some elements of Dubai's nightlife. Once again. Don't blame Kim for that. Unless you have some kind of personal gripe, with her?

6. Dubai mall issues courtesy cards to women who wear skirts slightly above the knee. 2 days ago Dubai mall celebrated a woman who many have seen naked. "Isn't it ironic...don't you think?"

So you see, the levels of hypocrisy are, unfortunately, everywhere.

7. A rather confused Emirati designer (so it would seem) decided to go ethical on us after her fashion label was rejected by Kim. Scores of tweets excitedly showing love to the Kardashians prior to their Dubai arrival were promptly deleted from the label's twitter account when Kim and Kris chose NOT to support the brand. Then, suddenly, a holy lash out? Based on morality? Darlings. Please. Excuse me as I continuously LOL.

8. Let us be clear, the confused hypocrisy that embodies the likes of some, is actually a much wider dilemma - personified.

Remember, when you point the finger, 3 more point back at you.

9. If, in your opinion, media support for Kim was far-fetched, then write to your editors, your newsrooms. Demand better coverage of truly inspirational homegrown talent (I can name a few right now). Support one another. Point at the good. Eradicate the bad. Respect genuine opinion. Highlight the contradictions (don't ignore them, that's how they manifest). Praise the locally gifted. Oh...and less of the jealousy. Large up security. Increase creativity.

May also help if your discrepancies are made clear before the fact, not after?

10. Finally, values, if not consistent, aren't values at all. I'm just saying.

We live in a crazy world. We can either let it be crazy. Or we can do something [positive] about it. That doesn't include being late with [contradictory] complaints.

Be good. Be great. Be consistent. That's all there is to it.

Onto the next!


  1. finally some 1 is getting me! thankyou for this post this is exactly what should have been said! Dubai attracts these kind of people and want them!because they see them as part of the citie's income (dubai lives on tourists/visitors/celebrities)... and i always see tourists in malls wearing their short shorts and short skirts with no 1 telling them least kim was properly dressed in knee length skirts and did not dare wear strapless. she knew what kind of country this is at least she respected it , unlike other people who live here and chose to walk half naked around our malls.

    i hated that the das girl complained of kim when there are BIGGER issues in dubai , nasty shit goes on in clubs the amount of partying that goes on like its vegas, all those 'DJ' concerts , its disgusting. now THATS SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT:)

  2. Some people choose to blame her. Others are smart, and utilise her to propel themselves. She's a product. All the other problems are ours to deal with, not hers to point the finger to. That's called bitterness.

    All I'm saying is, we need to focus on championing what's homegrown. Bettering the issues that are no one's fault but our own.


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